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Business Subscription - 6 Months offered by ChurchMapped Limited


The Business Subscription - 6 Month package enables businesses to sell goods and services on the ChurchMapped platform for 6 months. ChurchMapped is the number one source for information on churches around the world. By providing your goods and services on the ChurchMapped platform, you are able to sell on a platform that is trusted by many around the world. We take care of the technical aspects surrounding online payments, cybersecurity measures and in many instances, taxes such as the Value Added Tax (VAT). This subscription gives you three months of providing your goods and services on the ChurchMapped platform after which you will either need to renew the subscription by purchasing this again or pursuing a subscription class with a longer time frame. The expiration date is determined from the date that you make the purchase. Please note that the six months plan is prepaid in advance. For further information, please contact support@churchmapped.com. We are at all times ready to assist you.